Halloween Preview

Harper is a witch for Halloween this year.  More photos of the rest of us to come later.

Wolly Bears

This year we are keeping Harper ( My partner Laura's daughter) out of school this year.  There are so many problems with the school system in this country, but that is a discussion for another time.  Harper is way to creative and smart to be in the school system so we have decided to home school (unschooling) her this year.

Anyway, she has caught some Wollybears this fall and we have decided to keep them for the winter while they hibernate.  Then in the spring we are going to hopefully watch them turn into Tiger Moths.  We are up to five Wollybears now.  She feeds them and has made a home for them to live in as well. 

We wanted to take some photos for them so here they are.

Here is Harper taking some photos herself...

I can't wait to see them turn into Tiger Moths... We'll have to wait until spring for that.


Vermont goalie Alyssa Kelly makes a save during the Catamounts loss to Hartford by a score of 6-2.  Alyssa has had a tough year in goal as Vermont is at the bottom of the America East standings with a 1-5 record and is 2-13 for the season.

Lance in Waterbury

  Yesterday I got a message that Lance Armstrong was going to be in Waterbury at 4:00pm.  That was all the details I got.  I looked at my clock and saw that it was 3:50pm so I figured I'd go to see what was going on. With a 15 minute drive ahead of me I gathered my gear and raced out the door.  I had no idea why he was going to be there, where he was going to be or what to expect when I got there.  

  As soon as I got to Waterbury I saw cars backed up down the street.  I decided to park and walk until I found where the event was taking place.  It didn't take long.  As I was walking down the street I saw a large crowd of people and bikes up ahead.  There were riders all over the place.  When I got to the park I realized that Lance was running late.  There were kids, bikers, police, and a whole bunch of media there.

  Finally Lance shows up aorund 4:30pm out of nowhere on his bike and is immediately surrounded by a mob of media, bikers, and autograph seekers.  

He said that he was riding from Waterbury to Sugarbush Ski Resort in Warren if anyone wanted to ride with him.  He signed a few autographs and then he was off on his bike down main street followed by hundreds of other cyclists.   

  Come to find out later, Lance was in town to speak at a cancer fundraiser in Sugarbush for the Mary E. Haas Ovarian Cancer Early Detection Foundation.  He sent out a twitter message earlier in the day saying he was going to go for a bike ride from Waterbury to Sugarbush and anyone could join him on the ride. 

  It's amazing how fast word travels in this age.

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