Photo of the Week and the Crazy Coach!

Photo of the Week
(Nikon D100, iso 1600, 1/400 @ f:2.8, 300mm)
The Greyhounds head coach Jimmy Patsos yells at forward Jawaan Wright #21,
a junior from Agawan, Massachusetts, during a time in the closing minutes of
the second half in the Vermont Catamounts win 64-62 over the Loyola, Maryland
Greyhounds at Patrick Gym on Saturday afternoon November 28,
2008 in Burlington, Vermont.

I have shot a lot of basketball games over the last few years and I would have to say the head coach for the Loyola Greyhounds, from Maryland, is one of the most intense coach I have ever seen. (UMBC head coach Randy Monroe is a close second come to think of it).

The Vermont Catamounts hosted the Greyhounds at Patrick Gym on Saturday afternoon. I had an interesting experience at the game. I was there to shoot Vermont in their new black uniforms for the UVM athletic communications department, so for most of the first half I was on the floor on the visitor's side of the stadium with Vermont coming at me. As soon as the game started I noticed that the Loyola head coach was something special, a basketball photographer's dream. After I got some decent shots of UVM I decided to go near the Greyhounds bench to see what I could get of the head coach Jimmy Patsos. I still had to keep an eye on the action on the court but every chance I got I would point my camera towards Jimmy.

(Nikon D2x, iso 1000, 1/250 @ f:2.8, 17-35mm)

After I took this picture (above) the head coach walked to the end of the bench and sat in one of the last chairs. As he turns to look in my direction I push the shutter button on my camera and sure enough I am out of memory (I hate it when that happens). As I am trying to change my memory card, the coach looks at me and says:

coach: "Hey, what's up? You getting some good pictures? You know I am a really nice guy for twenty-two and a half hours a day. Where are those pictures?"

Me: "I'll take whatever pictures you give me"

Coach: "All you media want are pictures of my bad side."

Then he gets up and goes back to coaching the game. The trainer on his team and I look at each other and start laughing. (damn 2g memory cards fill up so fast).

If I wasn't shooting from UVM, I probably would have stayed on him the entire game. I have never seen a coach get into his players faces so much and be so animated. There was even a little pushing going on. I have to give it to him though, he definitely was passionate about the game. Here are a few more photos for your enjoyment.

(Nikon D300, iso 2000, 1/400 @ f:2.8, 80-200mm)
(Nikon D300, iso 2000, 1/400 @ f:2.8, 80-200mm)

(Nikon D100, iso 1600, 1/400 @ f:2.8, 300mm)

At the hockey game later that night between the Vermont Catamounts and the Maine Black bears, a security gurad came up to me and said he was right behind me and saw the coach talking to me. He said he thought the coach was be an ass and had my back. I am sure Jimmy is a really nice guy off the court. (mabye)

(Nikon D300, iso 2000, 1/400 @ f:2.8, 80-200mm)

Jimmy Patsos is a friend and former college teammate of Catamounts head coach Mike Lonergan when they played for Catholic university. I wonder if he was the same in college.

(Nikon D100, iso 1600, 1/400 @ f:2.8, 300mm)

Some of you will probably notice that I am using a Nikon D100 sometimes. That camera was my first digital camera. I bought it about 5 years ago. I still love it. Besides the small file size, it has pretty good image quality and white balance. The files aren't too noisy at high iso and any photos shot at iso 1600 or below seem to be really sharp. I will use it as long as it is still kicking. I use it mostly as a third body or a remote.

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